Plugins » Google Maps Marker 1.0.8

A Typesetter section (content) type for embedding Google Maps.

## Features
* Multiple maps per page
* Multiple markers per map
* Responsive or fixed section sizes
* Custom marker icon
* Custom map style (JSON)
* Marker info window

## Change Log
* 1.0.8 - PHP 8 support, Google Maps deprecation fixes
* 1.0.7 - Added support for unlimited maps with new section type. Removed Special page.
* 1.0.6 - Added usage of the Google Maps APIs key.
* 1.0.5 - Added support for multiple markers on a single map: Left click on map to set marker, right click on marker to remove it. Markers are draggable. Left click on marker to edit info window. Info window accepts html markup.
* 1.0.4 - Options added: Fullscreen button, Disable drag
* 1.0.3 - Minor bug fix
* 1.0.2 - Options added: Responsive map display, Custom marker image, Custom color scheme/map style


Tags:  google, maps, marker, file include, position, Section, responsive

Minimum Typesetter Version
Used Most with Typesetter Versions 5.1.0   5.0.3   3.0.0  
Last Updated1 month ago (2023-02-25)
Created7 years ago (2015-10-08)
Created Bya2exfr
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