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The download for this addon has been disabled. The package contents were compromised and now contains malicious code. If you recently downloaded this addon, please refer to the discussion in our forum for more information.

Download and Screenshots will follow.

Simple Image is a quite basic content type (section) meant for use cases where neither the built-in Image section nor Responsive Image aren’t perfect.

There is barely anything you couldn’t also achieve using inline images and css in CK Editor but it is just more convenient in some situations.

Linking: Insert arbitrary URLs, select files via file manager, autocomplete for internal page URLs. Optional: Open Link in Colorbox.

Sizing Options:
* Original width — this will keep the image’s natural pixel dimensions, which may make the image push or protrude its section boundaries. Barely needed but added for completeness.
* Shrink to fit — this resembles what Bootstrap’s img-responsive class does: It limits the image’s maximum width to the section’s with.
* Scale to fit — this will not only shrink the image but also scale small images up to fill the section’s width (like Bootstrap 4 img-fluid class.
* Custom width — this will force the image to a defined width (of course keeping it’s proportions). Possible units: px, em, rem, % and vw.

Alignment will – for obvious reasons – only apply in cases where the image’s size is smaller than the section size. This is always the case when …
* the image’s original pixel size is smaller than the section and sizing is set to original width or shrink to fit
* using custom width to scale a (larger) image down to a particular size
Vertical alignment will only be visible when the section has a defined height (applied, inherited, acquired from flexbox or table row).

Tags:  Simple Image, image, sections, section, section type, content type

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