Simple Blog

52 ratings26,362 Downloads

Designed to enable a simple reverse-chronological commentary on your site. Includes RSS feed, editable labels, and twitter/bitly integration.

Created By Josh S.

Nivo Slider for gp|Easy

21 ratings12,692 Downloads

Adds Nivo Slider to your layout or content

Created By juergen

Special Contact Form

19 ratings11,041 Downloads

Creates custom email contact form

Created By Josh S.

Simple Slideshow

25 ratings9,056 Downloads

A slideshow datatype

Created By Josh S.

Site Counter

21 ratings8,870 Downloads

Site Counter

Created By Josh S.

Simple Event Calendar

7 ratings8,383 Downloads

Simple Event and Occupancy Plan Calendar including a gadget, list view and a yearly view page


9 ratings8,162 Downloads

A very small and limited Shop System

Multi-Language Manager

5 ratings7,844 Downloads

Helps you manage your multi-language site by organizing pages by the language they're written in.

Created By Josh S.

Mediaelement Player

1 ratings7,534 Downloads

HTML5 Video and Audio Player. Adds <video> and <audio> element support to CKEditor. Uses native media playback in modern browsers and automatic Flash/Silverlight fallback in older ones.

Created By juergen

Password Protected Pages

9 ratings6,831 Downloads

Protects pages with a password

Created By Josh S.


1 ratings6,510 Downloads

This plugin makes it easy to add fit-to-fill background video to websites. It can play silent ambient background video.

Created By juergen

Breadcrumb Navigation

12 ratings6,323 Downloads

Breadcrumb Navigation

Created By


15 ratings5,976 Downloads

Nice Guestbook with BBCode and Smileys

Created By

Catalog Easy

8 ratings5,650 Downloads

Organize your child pages, and create some kind of catalog or portfolio witn pagination, sorting and navigation.

Created By a2exfr


11 ratings5,396 Downloads

Plugin to create custom mail forms

Created By Benjamin

Responsive Image

8 ratings5,353 Downloads

Image section type for responsive layouts that fits into your grid and keeps the most relevant part of the image visible.

Created By juergen

Simple Online Visitor

14 ratings5,090 Downloads

Simple Online Visitor Gadget

Created By Polesz

Bootstrap Carousel Gallery

8 ratings4,834 Downloads

A dynamic gallery built from Twitter Bootstrap's Carousel

Created By Josh S.

Anti Spam Math

9 ratings4,771 Downloads

A simple spam prevention tactic using math

Created By Josh S.


9 ratings4,757 Downloads

shows current date and time

Created By Josh S.


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