Rif Multi Language Manager

Not Yet Rated960 Downloads

MultiLang plugin together with custom core texts and custom plugins texts translation

Created By rif

Rif Backgrounds Changer

Not Yet Rated632 Downloads

The backgrounds images and colors changer for pages.

Created By rif

Rif MenuFormat Layout

Not Yet Rated23 Downloads

Typesetter menu replace (custom formats and adding your page sections)

Created By rif

Catalog Easy

8 ratings5,864 Downloads

Organize your child pages, and create some kind of catalog or portfolio witn pagination, sorting and navigation.

Created By a2exfr


1 ratings923 Downloads

Star rating plugin

Created By a2exfr

Google Maps Marker

1 ratings2,805 Downloads

Marker for Google Maps

Created By a2exfr

Masonry Gallery

1 ratings2,995 Downloads

Masonry image gallery

Created By a2exfr


4 ratings1,134 Downloads

Smart PNG and JPEG compression

Created By a2exfr


2 ratings2,784 Downloads

Tabs and acordion

Created By a2exfr

Minishop TP

Not Yet Rated209 Downloads

Updated and improved fork of Minishop 1.5.1 - GPL 2

Created By mabu

Jura Web Fonts

Not Yet Rated4 Downloads

Adds the Google Jura Font local

Created By fp

Back2Top Button

5 ratings4,251 Downloads

Shows a button at the bottom of the viewport. Clicking it will soft-scroll back to the top.

Created By juergen

Responsive Image

8 ratings5,559 Downloads

Image section type for responsive layouts that fits into your grid and keeps the most relevant part of the image visible.

Created By juergen

Easy Comments

3 ratings4,804 Downloads

Allow users to comment on your gpEasy pages

Created By Josh S.

PHPMailer update 5.27

Not Yet Rated351 Downloads

Update of the phpmailer 5.x.x - ( not for 5.1.1CE-Version or github - master from autumn 2019 on)

Created By mabu

Ckeditor update 462

Not Yet Rated1,136 Downloads

Update of Ckeditor to Version 4.62

Created By mabu

Font Awesome 5 Icons

Not Yet Rated751 Downloads

The Font Awesome 5 Iconset

Created By mabu

Material Icons

Not Yet Rated563 Downloads

The material iconset as Typesetter Plugin for Ckeditor

Created By mabu

Disqus Comment System

Not Yet Rated487 Downloads

The system of comments, which offers for websites a centralized discussion platform, allows you to expand the audience and traffic and monetize the content.

Created By Sestowner

Noto Serif Fonts

Not Yet Rated456 Downloads

NotoSerif and Noto Serif Semibold font - families

Created By mabu


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