13 ratings4,228 Downloads

An GPeasy Downloadpage-Plugin

Anti Spam Math

9 ratings4,180 Downloads

A simple spam prevention tactic using math

Created By Josh S.

Responsive Image

8 ratings4,018 Downloads

Image section type for responsive layouts that fits into your grid and keeps the most relevant part of the image visible.

Created By juergen


4 ratings3,983 Downloads

Musicplayer for your website

Created By


4 ratings3,856 Downloads

FontAwesome iconic font with CKEditor plugin

Created By juergen

Wallpaper Changer

3 ratings3,610 Downloads

change a page wallpaper

Created By Josh S.


1 ratings3,405 Downloads

Respect your visitors privacy but still allow them to share your page on facebook, twitter and google+

Created By Benjamin


4 ratings3,382 Downloads

EasyNewsLetter is an easy-to-use newsletter plugin for gpEasy.

Created By fly06

Slider Factory

5 ratings3,348 Downloads

Make slides of any sections. A Rich Content Slider for Typesetter CMS!

Created By juergen

Site Page Extra

1 ratings3,257 Downloads

3 gadgets for your site allowing you to add content specific to one page. Similar to extra content, only the content isn't the same for every page and you can edit content in place.

Created By site


3 ratings3,161 Downloads

Add Clean Urls and other SEO related features to Simple Blog

Created By fly06

Publication Date

5 ratings3,072 Downloads

Adds creation and last modification dates after the main page's content

Created By Josh S.

Simple Blog1

8 ratings2,966 Downloads

I needed some extra blogging functionality. I'm just sharing it here in case it helps anyone.

Created By site


4 ratings2,852 Downloads

Flowplayer for gpEasy

Created By Polesz

Back2Top Button

5 ratings2,825 Downloads

Shows a button at the bottom of the viewport. Clicking it will soft-scroll back to the top.

Created By juergen

Potato Menu

6 ratings2,746 Downloads

Simple Drop Down Menu for jQuery and gpEasy

Created By Polesz

Media Player Advance

2 ratings2,674 Downloads

Allows media files to be played anywhere inside a page by adding a tag to indicate where media player must be added

Created By Dominion IT


3 ratings2,669 Downloads

Guestbook with BBCode, smileys (based on MyGuestbook by, enhanced to provide moderated entries, more entry data and much more

Created By Nix AG


Not Yet Rated2,667 Downloads

Run own PHP-Script on gpEasy


1 ratings2,596 Downloads

Protect your gpEasy forms against spammers black-listed on the site.

Created By fly06


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