1 ratings2,522 Downloads

left/right buttons for quick navigation

Created By folke

Shadow Box Gallery

1 ratings2,521 Downloads

A dynamic gallery for file sections and extra content

Created By Josh S.

FullCalendar for gpEasy

2 ratings2,510 Downloads

With FullCalendar you can have (even multiple independent) calendars on your gpEasy website. With google Calendar integration.

Created By juergen

Search Engine Poker

3 ratings2,481 Downloads

Ping Search Engines of site changes (site map submission)

Created By Dominion IT

Masonry Gallery

1 ratings2,468 Downloads

Masonry image gallery

Created By a2exfr

FlatAdmin 2015

4 ratings2,428 Downloads

A flat and reduced style alternative for gpEasy’s admin interface.

Created By juergen

Google Maps Marker

1 ratings2,411 Downloads

Marker for Google Maps

Created By a2exfr


3 ratings2,395 Downloads

Show your Twitter

Created By

Site Maintenance Page

3 ratings2,380 Downloads

Display a customizable maintenance page to non-logged in users.

Created By site

Expandable Text

3 ratings2,373 Downloads

Adds Expandable Text Option to Editable Areas.

Created By Josh S.


Not Yet Rated2,333 Downloads

(FrontEnd) Users (Rights) Management

Created By fly06


5 ratings2,296 Downloads

Random Image from folder

Plugin Examples

Not Yet Rated2,281 Downloads

A collection of examples to demonstrate plugin functionality

Created By Josh S.


2 ratings2,281 Downloads

Tabs and acordion

Created By a2exfr

Multi-Contact Form

1 ratings2,212 Downloads

A Contact Form that allows you to select from a list of Recipients

Created By DaveS

Dominion SlideShow

Not Yet Rated2,196 Downloads

Simple slideshow using jQuery Cycle Plugin

Created By Dominion IT

Newsletter Plugin

3 ratings2,151 Downloads

Newsletter Plugin

Created By martin


4 ratings2,089 Downloads

A Sticky Note Content Type with handwriting font. Can be dragged around and hidden by visitors.

Created By juergen

Simple Gallery Extended

2 ratings2,020 Downloads

Extends the build in Gallery to use other gallery scripts in the fronted.

Created By Dominion IT

Sample Theme Admin Plugin

1 ratings1,900 Downloads

An addon to show Theme Admin

Created By David S


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