Syntax Highlighter

3 ratings1,816 Downloads

Add code syntax highlighting to any of your pages.

Created By Josh S.

Roboto Sans Web Fonts

1 ratings1,685 Downloads

Embeds the Roboto Sans + Condensed font family as webfonts and makes it accessible in CKEditor’s font drop-down list

Created By juergen

Simple Button

2 ratings1,601 Downloads

Adds the Section Type 'Simple Button' which renders … guess what … a button.

Created By juergen


Not Yet Rated1,513 Downloads

RSS / Atom Feed Aggregator

Created By Namcub


2 ratings1,468 Downloads

Styled tool tip for anchor titles, gold.


2 ratings1,466 Downloads

A plugin to stream mp3 sermons.

Created By simonegli


Not Yet Rated1,406 Downloads

Allow simple Blog html overriding in themes

Created By fly06


Not Yet Rated1,311 Downloads

Adds left/right links for quick navigation through pages of same menu level.

Created By fly06

Modal window Bootstrap

2 ratings1,288 Downloads

Bootstrap modal window

Created By a2exfr

CKEditor Custom Colors

Not Yet Rated1,284 Downloads

Customize the Color Palette in CKEditor

Created By juergen


1 ratings1,236 Downloads

Insere os códigos de acompanhamento para o google analytics


Not Yet Rated1,226 Downloads

Support for GoogleAnalytics

Created By simonegli

Child Thumbnails

Not Yet Rated1,211 Downloads

Display a list of icons for the each child page

Created By Josh S.

Pre Order

Not Yet Rated1,205 Downloads

Pre Order available products by email for pickup

Facebook comments

1 ratings1,197 Downloads

Plugin lets people comment on content on your site using their Facebook account.

Created By a2exfr

Next Previous Page Walker

Not Yet Rated1,184 Downloads

Adds a next / prev link at bottom of page if page has child pages

Created By Dominion IT

Roboto Sans 2014 Web Fonts

Not Yet Rated1,180 Downloads

Embeds the 2014 version of Roboto (Sans) + Condensed font family as webfonts and makes it accessible in CKEditor’s font drop-down list

Created By juergen

Material Cards Catalog Easy Layout

Not Yet Rated1,168 Downloads

Material Cards Layout for Catalog Easy

Created By a2exfr

EasyMark: MarkDown for Typesetter (GPEasy)

Not Yet Rated1,162 Downloads

Markdown content type for Typesetter (GPEasy) CMS

Created By ppeterka


Not Yet Rated1,148 Downloads

An plugin für developers


elFinder 2.1.50 in Upcoming Release

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Typesetter 5.1

Typesetter 5.1 is now available for download. 5.1 includes bug fixes, UI/UX improvements, ... Read More

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