1 ratings2,868 Downloads

Protect your gpEasy forms against spammers black-listed on the site.

Created By fly06


1 ratings2,784 Downloads

left/right buttons for quick navigation

Created By folke

Special Contact Form

19 ratings11,193 Downloads

Creates custom email contact form

Created By Josh S.


1 ratings3,693 Downloads

Respect your visitors privacy but still allow them to share your page on facebook, twitter and google+

Created By Benjamin

Media Player Advance

2 ratings3,004 Downloads

Allows media files to be played anywhere inside a page by adding a tag to indicate where media player must be added

Created By Dominion IT

Modal window Bootstrap

2 ratings1,654 Downloads

Bootstrap modal window

Created By a2exfr

Simple Button

2 ratings2,152 Downloads

Adds the Section Type 'Simple Button' which renders … guess what … a button.

Created By juergen


2 ratings2,784 Downloads

Tabs and acordion

Created By a2exfr

Bootstrap Carousel Gallery

8 ratings4,916 Downloads

A dynamic gallery built from Twitter Bootstrap's Carousel

Created By Josh S.


2 ratings1,660 Downloads

Styled tool tip for anchor titles, gold.

Multi-Contact Form

1 ratings2,484 Downloads

A Contact Form that allows you to select from a list of Recipients

Created By DaveS

Breadcrumb Navigation

12 ratings6,381 Downloads

Breadcrumb Navigation

Created By

Site Page Extra

1 ratings3,623 Downloads

3 gadgets for your site allowing you to add content specific to one page. Similar to extra content, only the content isn't the same for every page and you can edit content in place.

Created By site


1 ratings6,581 Downloads

This plugin makes it easy to add fit-to-fill background video to websites. It can play silent ambient background video.

Created By juergen

Exploit Checker

1 ratings1,058 Downloads

Check your installation and server for malicious code

Created By Josh S.

FreeMailForm Enhanced

1 ratings1,423 Downloads

FreeMailForm + reCaptcha

Created By @ddwin


1 ratings923 Downloads

Star rating plugin

Created By a2exfr

Roboto Sans Web Fonts

1 ratings2,236 Downloads

Embeds the Roboto Sans + Condensed font family as webfonts and makes it accessible in CKEditor’s font drop-down list

Created By juergen


1 ratings1,477 Downloads

Insere os códigos de acompanhamento para o google analytics


9 ratings4,813 Downloads

shows current date and time

Created By Josh S.


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