Google Maps Marker

1 ratings2,696 Downloads

Marker for Google Maps

Created By a2exfr

Masonry Gallery

1 ratings2,843 Downloads

Masonry image gallery

Created By a2exfr

Sample Theme Admin Plugin

1 ratings2,016 Downloads

An addon to show Theme Admin

Created By David S


2 ratings1,675 Downloads

A plugin to stream mp3 sermons.

Created By simonegli

Search Engine Poker

3 ratings2,670 Downloads

Ping Search Engines of site changes (site map submission)

Created By Dominion IT


4 ratings4,209 Downloads

Musicplayer for your website

Created By


3 ratings3,443 Downloads

Add Clean Urls and other SEO related features to Simple Blog

Created By fly06

Mediaelement Player

1 ratings7,473 Downloads

HTML5 Video and Audio Player. Adds <video> and <audio> element support to CKEditor. Uses native media playback in modern browsers and automatic Flash/Silverlight fallback in older ones.

Created By juergen

Site Counter

21 ratings8,806 Downloads

Site Counter

Created By Josh S.


11 ratings5,348 Downloads

Plugin to create custom mail forms

Created By Benjamin

Syntax Highlighter

3 ratings2,002 Downloads

Add code syntax highlighting to any of your pages.

Created By Josh S.

Newsletter Plugin

3 ratings2,375 Downloads

Newsletter Plugin

Created By martin

Simple Blog1

8 ratings3,196 Downloads

I needed some extra blogging functionality. I'm just sharing it here in case it helps anyone.

Created By site


4 ratings3,030 Downloads

Flowplayer for gpEasy

Created By Polesz


3 ratings2,557 Downloads

Show your Twitter

Created By

Facebook comments

1 ratings1,397 Downloads

Plugin lets people comment on content on your site using their Facebook account.

Created By a2exfr


13 ratings4,514 Downloads

An GPeasy Downloadpage-Plugin

Simple Online Visitor

14 ratings5,054 Downloads

Simple Online Visitor Gadget

Created By Polesz


15 ratings5,944 Downloads

Nice Guestbook with BBCode and Smileys

Created By

Simple Gallery Extended

2 ratings2,303 Downloads

Extends the build in Gallery to use other gallery scripts in the fronted.

Created By Dominion IT


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Typesetter 5.1

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