Child Thumbnails

Not Yet Rated1,383 Downloads

Display a list of icons for the each child page

Created By Josh S.

Site List

Not Yet Rated1,387 Downloads

Manage lists and display them on your site using templates with template variables (beta version).

Created By site


Not Yet Rated1,514 Downloads

Adds left/right links for quick navigation through pages of same menu level.

Created By fly06


Not Yet Rated1,655 Downloads

Allow simple Blog html overriding in themes

Created By fly06

Rif Backgrounds Changer

Not Yet Rated602 Downloads

The backgrounds images and colors changer for pages.

Created By rif

CKEditor Custom Colors

Not Yet Rated1,565 Downloads

Customize the Color Palette in CKEditor

Created By juergen

RSS Reader

Not Yet Rated1,207 Downloads

Manage yors RSS on website

Created By gpeasy

Roboto Sans 2014 Web Fonts

Not Yet Rated1,492 Downloads

Embeds the 2014 version of Roboto (Sans) + Condensed font family as webfonts and makes it accessible in CKEditor’s font drop-down list

Created By juergen


Not Yet Rated1,490 Downloads

Support for GoogleAnalytics

Created By simonegli

Selectable Classes

Not Yet Rated1,132 Downloads

Admin UI addon – define a set of CSS class names that will be selectable in the Section Attributes dialog box

Created By juergen

Collapsible Wrappers

Not Yet Rated1,124 Downloads

Admin UI addon – simply adds a Collapsible Option to Wrapper Section items in the Manage Sections inline editor for better management of complex layouts.

Created By juergen


Not Yet Rated926 Downloads

External site search plugin

Created By fly06

EasyMark: MarkDown for Typesetter (GPEasy)

Not Yet Rated1,413 Downloads

Markdown content type for Typesetter (GPEasy) CMS

Created By ppeterka

Material Cards Catalog Easy Layout

Not Yet Rated1,555 Downloads

Material Cards Layout for Catalog Easy

Created By a2exfr

Dynamic Gallery

Not Yet Rated778 Downloads

Dynamic Gallery

Created By a2exfr

Rif Multi Language Manager

Not Yet Rated913 Downloads

MultiLang plugin together with custom core texts and custom plugins texts translation

Created By rif

Rif Media Play

Not Yet Rated689 Downloads

Media List Player with powerful manager

Created By rif

Gyre Fonts 2

Not Yet Rated456 Downloads

A set of fonts of the polish TEX Gyre usergroup for the ckeditor dropdown

Created By mabu

Trirong Font V3

Not Yet Rated400 Downloads

The Trirong Font for the Ckeditor dropdown

Created By mabu

Ckeditor update 462

Not Yet Rated1,107 Downloads

Update of Ckeditor to Version 4.62

Created By mabu


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