Provider Spotlight

The Provider Spotlight is our way of saying thanks to businesses who use and contribute to Typesetter.  It is one of the many ways we use to promote an active developer and support community and is not a paid advertisement.  Hosting providers, web designers and other Internet focused businesses are selected from our list of service providers for one week in the spotlight.

Selection Process

In the interest of fostering community growth, we've made the selection process very simple.  Providers are selected based solely on the minimum qualification requirements.  Once these minimum requirements are met, it's only a matter of time before a listing will be selected for the provider spotlight.

Minimum Requirements

  1. Register and submit your Typesetter related business. It's free!
  2. When entering information for your business be sure to do the following:
    • Submit a clear and concise description
    • Indicate what kinds of services you provide
    • Upload images for your portfolio
    • Upload an image for your logo
    • Contribute to the Typesetter community with one of the following:
      • Design and share a theme
      • Develop and share a plugin
      • Host Typesetter powered websites
  3. Once your listing has met the minimum requirements, it will be added to the queue for display


Other Ways to Increase Your Visibility

As a Typesetter Service Provider, there are many ways to increase the visibility of your business listing.

  • Design and upload themes
  • Develop and share plugins
  • Participate in the forums
  • Make sure your provider_id is in the index.php file of your hosted sites

If your business is already listed on, you can view your current activity ranking from your provider listing.


Please Note:

  • The selection criteria and spotlight duration is subject to change
  • The provider spotlight is not an endorsement of the listed business by Typesetter
  • See the Terms of Service for more information


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