Content management systems have been using What You See Is What You Get editors for years.  These incredibly handy editing tools make web-page creation as simple as using a word processor.  Most content management systems integrate their WYSIWYG editor of choice in the generic-styled back-end, placing it among configuration settings and other administrative tasks away from the actual user-end website.  The result is an oxymoron: a WYSIWYG editor that doesn’t instantaneously show administrators how their content is going to look to site users.  With back-end situated WYSIWYG editors, what you see isn’t exactly what you get.



Finally, what you see really is what you get – immediately. Typesetter is one of a handful of CMS projects that utilize True WYSIWYG editors.  Unlike most CMSes, Typesetter boasts True WYSIWYG as one of its cornerstone features, and it implements this feature using one of the most popular editors available: CKEditor.  Designed specifically with smaller websites and less experienced users in mind, Typesetter is a lightweight CMS that prioritizes ease of use by drawing upon tools such as True WYSIWYG that make website building smoother, faster, and fun.


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